Travel theme: Camaraderie

As I watch flocks of birds fly over-head, I often wonder if there is a sense of CAMARADERIE amongst these animals or if it’s simply a case of every bird for itself.

Camaraderie of Birdds

Do they whisper behind their wings about one another? Do they look at their butts and wonder if those feathers makes it look big? Do they compare size of feathers?

Do they ever get together over some fresh bugs to discuss a new flight plan or does the wind simply blow in a certain direction telling each and every one of them, “it’s time“? I wonder as things aren’t always as they seem…

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A Christmas Frame! (Weekly Travel Theme)

Aisla from over at Where’s My Backpack has given us the challenge word of FRAME this week. As I scrolled through my archives looking for something suitable I came across my New York Christmas photographs of Macy’s Christmas windows.


Each window was a different planet portraying a different Christmas scene. Each so different. Each so spectacular. Each framed so elegantly.

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BELOW Niagara Falls (Weekly Travel Theme)

When I read Ailsa at Where’s My Backpack had chosen Below as her travel themed challenge word for this week, given how cold I’m feeling right now, this image came immediately to mind.

Below Niagara Falls

We were standing under the falls at Niagara when I took this photo. Technically it was spring since it was March, but the icicles were still hanging long and strong as the water continued to drop over the falls, creating the mist that formed these and many other unique ice formations.

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Intense Morning Light! (Travel Theme)

This week’s challenge word from Ailsa over at Where’s My Backpack is INTENSE… and what says this better than a glorious sunrise on a cloudy day.


I love those mornings where the colour fills all the sky as the sun slowly rises from its place of hiding. Sun-rays shoot through breaks in the clouds, like fingers pointing to a new beginning.

The intensity of the morning colours along with the shadows from that early light are a constant delight to me – with or without my camera!



ANGLES not Angels! (Travel Theme Challenge)

This week’s Travel Theme Word from Aisla from Where’s My Backpack is… ANGLES.

How embarrassing though, for days now I’ve been reading this challenge as ANGEL. Now at least Ailsa’s photographs make MUCH more sense as angles and not angels, lol. Anyways, here are some angles I’ve long admired!


The Sydney Opera House is one of those places that never ceases to amaze me. I know it’s made up of thousands and thousands of tiles on an angle. And I know those tiles are not white. Yet, whenever I stand beside this structure, I’m always surprised by the tiles.

From a distance you never see all those little angled pieces, whilst the colour really does appear quite white.


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A Mellow Halloween (Travel Theme)

Following our three years in Iceland and our North American friends there, the children had grown accustomed to celebrating Halloween so were saddened to learn on moving back to Australia it wasn’t celebrated quite the same.

Hence once I heard Australia Zoo was celebrating Halloween, I took the children out of school for the day, bought us some bus tickets and off we went!

Mellow Halloween

The day was nothing like we’d imagined (Young Sir IMMEDIATELY removed his costume on seeing we were one of the few families dressed for the occasion) but it was fun nevertheless. There is something rather unique about some of them there Australian animals.

Looking at this photo now, although this Mellow Fellow sleeping is rather cute, the fact the then Master Eight was lifting his sister up so she could touch a koala for the first time still brings a tear to my eye. He was, and still is, our Mr Considerate but just like Superman, chooses his moment carefully as to when and where he’ll share his superpowers, lol! 😉

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Water meets Land (Travel Theme Challenge)

Okay, so the actual Travel Theme Challenge set by Ailsa at Where’s My Backpack? is Land meets Water. However, when I look at this photograph I took whilst visiting Niagara Falls, Water meets Land perhaps is more apt!

Cold at Niagara

Before arriving at Niagara that spring, I was so disappointed that we weren’t going to be sailing under the water as it was still classified as winter. On seeing this though…boat ride, what boat ride?

This was just the most amazing phenomenon I’d ever seen. The mist from the falls that was blown even in the lightest breeze, landing on anything close to the water’s edge, then froze. This happened again, and again, and again.

Slowing building up over time creating this masterpiece. Talk about a winter wonderland, so incredibly beautiful!

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One word is TINY but many is so much more! (Travel Theme: Tiny)


The Travel Themed Word for this week from Where’s my Backpack? is… TINY! Oh the possibilities, the choices – there are just so, so many to choose from!

Then I stumbled on this photo from my archives from the Vancouver City Library of the original “data-base” of the library’s inventory. The choice was obvious.

One word becomes many

One word written on a page may seem TINY, almost considered insignificant but when you add another word, then another, and another… the possibilities are limitless!

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Travel Theme: HANDMADE… by Nanny


This week’s travel theme from Where’s my Backpack? is… HANDMADE. Having grown up in a household where it seemed EVERYTHING was handmade, right down to my knickers, it wasn’t hard to find something appropriate for this theme!

Handmade by Nanny

This is just one of the many intricate little cushions my mother has made over the years. Very few had the frill that this particular cushion has.

Normally after decorating the square my Darling Dad would mount them on painted-board whereby mum would either sell or adorn the house with yet another of her creations.

Miss Twelve is now the owner of this cushion and she couldn’t be prouder. She loved everything my mother created. Oh how she loved walking into her Nanny’s house to follow the creative trail to discover what the latest project was.



Travel Theme: MODERN Art!

The plan was to have Mother’s Day lunch this year at a little restaurant in Tofino, Vancouver Island, called Wolf in the Fog which both Hubby and I had read a great review about.

On arriving at the restaurant we realized we didn’t have reservations and being Mother’s Day, yikes. We needn’t have worried though as it turned out the restaurant was only open for dinners, even on Mother’s Day.

Travel Wolf in the Fog!

A small consolation was when we’d finished our drinks in the downstairs bar/cafe area, we were allowed upstairs to see the restaurant. It wasn’t what either of us remembered from the review. This setting was very sleek.

Completing this ultra-MODERN look was the wolf constructed from drift-wood over a metal framed standing on its own mirrored stage. It was rather splendid and certainly complimented the overall modern appearance.

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