From Above (WPC: Atop)

Ever get that feeling someone is watching you? This is exactly how we felt a couple of weeks ago whilst we were outside. Although in all honesty they were more than likely watching the apple pieces we were throwing, not us!

As we were feeding a deer from our front porch to the right of our driveway, atop the neighbours driveway to the left, two sets of eyes were watching our every move. Not that they stayed there long. We soon required loads more apple pieces!

Atop is The Daily Post Photo Challenge this week.



When Ignorance is Bliss… (Wordless Wednesday)


When ignorance is bliss

(  Yes, I know this is completely juvenile but what can I say, it makes me jiggle! This ones for you KC🙂  )

Be BEAR aware…


As is the usual of a Wednesday morning, I nonchalantly gave the end of our drive-way a cursory glance to confirm Darling Hubby had remembered to place our trash cans, and orange-hugging-over-sized trash bags, out for the 9am collection.

He nearly always does but as is Murphy’s Law, the one morning I don’t do this, will be the morning he’s forgotten or is running late and hasn’t time to put them out. Unfortunately when it comes to trash days here in Kitimat unlike Australia where we’d wheel our bins out the evening before-hand, here we must do it that morning. Preferably the closer to pick-up time the better as unfortunately there are only two seasons here when it comes to trash – SNOW season and BEAR season!

Whether it was due to Darling Hubby having to be at work extraordinarily earlier than usual hence the bins went out earlier, or the fact we had a lot of fruit scraps (read watermelon skins!), we had a visitor to our trash. Our trash was in a two meter neat line along the side of the road. This combined with the markings on the bags had me in no doubt it was a bear who had been rummaging.

The rib bones weren’t touched but the watermelon rinds, welllllll

Beary Attractive

The watermelon rinds looked as if a giant grater the size of garden trowel had been scraped over each one (the rinds were completely smooth when thrown out as I’d cut the entire melon up with a huge kitchen knife so I knew this wasn’t the result of over-eager children’s teeth marks!).

Uh-oh... not for the faint hearted!

Yup, these bears may look absolutely gorgeous from afar but this reinforces the need to respect these mighty beasts and STAY A RESPECTFUL DISTANCE FROM THEM WHENEVER POSSIBLE!

Next week however I’m thinking I may stand guard over the trash cans with my camera, from the safety of our front balcony of course. I wonder if it would be worth my time or would I begin day-dreaming and thinking… “mum, how much longer?”

Bald Eagles… oh yes!

Given that last night I was host to the Women’s Ink Book Club, I was rather impressed by the fact I was not only on time but early for my physiotherapy appointment this morning.

It was a struggle I do admit so even with a shopping list in hand, I was more than happy to drive directly home afterwards and simply “be” on my back deck.

Especially when I am witness to something as spectacular as THIS… oh me oh my!!!

Bald Eagle Flying High

I’m sure this Bald Eagle knew he was being photographed!

Bald Eagle in Flight

He played up to the camera so well, coming even closer to me and the camera!

Bald Eagle

Moments like this make me feel so blessed. No matter what else might be happening in our lives, to see such a majestic beast flying so free, it gives one a true grounding of what’s important. “Mother Nature, how much longer???”

How nice was this?!

Amongst all the sadness that was yesterday’s bombings we did have a lovely ray of sunshine. We’d just finished dinner, cleared the table and was about to commence the washing up when there was a knock on the door.

A friend was standing there with these for me and gifts for the children!

I don't even mind there's a carnation in there!

I was more than happy with the thank you on Sunday for helping her over the week-end but for her to bring these last night, it was so thoughtful (but really quite unnecessary…).

It was reassuring, especially for the children, that even when faced with yesterday’s evil, there is still kindness and gratefulness not only in the world, but on our street!

May these two gestures never be questioned with… “mum, how much longer?”

Parting is such sweet sorrow…

Being a cold, bleak day outside today, it seemed apt that we were driving our visitors to the airport for their flight back to Australia.

I’m still pinching myself that I had family here… in Kitimat…wow, I’m still buzzing even now.

And that’s without the help of the coffee machine! Thank goodness the coffee machine arrived this week to drown our sorrows.

One thing I know for sure is that with my brother and his wife’s departure today there’ll be no more asking from the children… “mum, how much longer?”

A day out on the water!

When we were out to dinner at the golf club for “Wednesday Wings” we bumped into some friends who offered to take us out on their boat today, weather permitting. As you can see, weather permitted!

We spent the most glorious day out on the water. We really didn’t know what to expect of the day although we did have our tub of home-made salsa, a stack of sandwiches and a carton of Corona. We were ready for anything!

I think their faces say it all don’t you???

I know we certainly were more than happy when these were caught fresh this morning then cooked just hours later for our consumption. Oh my, they were delightful!

As if the pile of crabs weren’t more than we’d dared dream of or could eat, as we headed back to the marina the day was topped off by these…

What an amazing day. Of course after a day like this we all want our own boat to do this again, and again, and again. This time it’s not just the children asking… “mum, how much longer?”

We saw it, we saw it!!!

Yesterday I only had the telescopic lense on when we went touring so today when we did the hike down to the Coho flats I decided I’d put the regular lense on. I was so cranky with myself as honestly, I really could have caught some brilliant shots with the telescopic lense.

The sun was coming through the trees, casting the most amazing light across the Spanish moss which was hanging off so many of the ancient looking trees. It all looked so magical.

We clambered and climbed for a good hour before arriving at the flats where we were delighted to find a picnic table and chairs that overlooked this beautiful river. A river which Master Ten informed me was good for fishing. Oh dang, if only we’d brought our fishing gear 🙂

As we’d wandered around the shore line we kept finding little red and green squishy balls scattered everywhere. In the water they turned so white Master Ten actually thought they were perhaps eyeballs from a fish. He especially thought this after he’d dissected one and found a strange green substance ooze out of it.

We all had opinions as to what they were: a fish attracting substance, bi-product from a bird, even a bear repellant but we weren’t even close. Turns out they are paint balls… so obvious when you know isn’t it!

Just as we were beginning our trek back we were stopped in our tracks by the most delightful bird song. As we watched we saw five red-headed birds flitting about. Thanks to our trip to the museum yesterday we knew exactly what we were looking at… woodpeckers!

We couldn’t believe how lucky we’d been. Master Ten who had scooted ahead, missed it all so was mighty cheesed off to say the least when he heard what had held us up. He so wants to catch a glimpse of his own woodpecker… “mum, how much longer?”

Tommy Tourist eat your heart out!

The weather wasn’t exactly what we hoped it would be but that didn’t stop us. First we went to Hospital Beach to collect some drift wood for the garden. I saw the greatest idea for the garden made with driftwood hence the driftwood.

After packing the car very carefully with all our driftwood and the bike (a boy needs his bike!) we headed to the nearby waterfall. It was quite amazing walking up to the waterfall as the ground felt so spongy because of the of all the needles that have fallen over the years.

From here we visited the Giant Spruce which was… giant to say the least!

Whilst we were at the Giant Spruce we heard the most amazing thing… we heard a woodpecker. Our very first woodpecker, it was so exciting! We looked and looked but sadly couldn’t see it at all. Not that we knew what we were looking 🙂

However, from here we went to the Kitimat Museum where we saw an assortment of taxidermy animals, including several woodpeckers. At least we now know what we are looking for when next we here them pecking.

The children were disappointed they didn’t hear the woodpecker. They tried to listen at the Giant Spruce but it wasn’t happening. Instead all we heard was… “mum, how much longer?”

From Australia with love!

Today when I went to Terrace to collect my brother and SIL from the airport, Miss Eight (but not for much longer) decorated her birthday cake in preparation for dessert this evening!

Miss Eight turns nine next Wednesday but as soon as she realized there would be more family here so very close to her birthday, she insisted we have a cake with ALL the family. Don’t you love it?!

Anyways, this is the masterpiece she created. She looks completely surprised by the way the sparklers, goodness knows why!

I’m still pinching myself that we have family here from Australia. It’s such a treat for all of us. We have lots of touring planned and can’t wait to share our fabulous little town with them!

We’ve hired a seven-seater vehicle for whilst they’re here so we don’t have to drive two vehicles everywhere. The children are in love with it, wanting one of our own. There’s no guessing what I’ll be hearing for the next few days… “mum, how much longer?”