Countries & Cities Visited…

We’ve travelled one or two countries with children, having a blast whilst doing so. Since visiting many of these countries I’ve since been advised on occasion by couples going away without children, “well, you can’t travel with children!”

We beg to differ… there’s no denying it is a very different journey when you are accompanied by small people. And you probably wouldn’t be having any Mac Attacks if it wasn’t for the small people but hey, when you get to see the world through a child’s eyes, trust me, it’s loads more fun.

Besides, how else would we make the front page of the Venice newspaper?!

Italy 2006

5 thoughts on “Countries & Cities Visited…

    • Yes, my son’s grade one teacher in Australia actually called him a liar when he began sharing stories of his traveling adventures. Hence he made me print off any photo with him in it to take to school to prove he wasn’t a liar. Talk about a life lesson at any early age! 🙂


      • Lol! I guess it can seem far fetched when a kid tells someone of their travels to far away lands. It is nice that you are opening your kids’ eyes to foreign places and peoples. An elderly relative visited me last year when I still lived in Austria and I took her to several surrounding countries. My relative asked for all her tickets in addition to the printed photos because my niece apparently did not believe most of the stories she told when she had visited me in the US earlier. Like they say “Seeing is believing”.

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