Sahara Desert

One of my dreams has been to ride a camel over the sand dunes of the Sahara Desert whilst spending a night under the stars. In March 2007 this dream became a reality, sort of.

Sadly Girl Child was down with a bug so I rode in the 4WD with her whilst the boys rode the camels into the desert. I did however have an opportunity at one stage to have a quiet sit and short ride so at least I can say I rode a camel in the Sahara Desert, in theory! 🙂

father and son on camel back

Arriving at our base in the desert was so surreal. The colors of the desert sands and sun reminded me a lot of the changing colors of Uluru. Young Sir couldn’t get up those sand dunes quick enough, which let me tell you, is much easier said than done!

HLR climbing the Sahara

The night was spent in a bivouac, the bottom  being made of mud to slightly combat the moving sand but the top just a woven blanket. Eventually this camp will be obliterated by the ever-moving sands, eventuating in new ones having to being made.

Anyways these tents were cold, real cold, but we’d gladly accepted the offer of additional blankets earlier in the night which I gratefully put on the bed to keep us all warm. These blankets were so heavy there wasn’t a chance of any cold creeping in. Moving underneath them was so NOT an option, lol!

However, once in bed and torches extinguished, one could lie back in bed, looking up at the stars through the weave of the blanket. I know I’ve said it before but my gosh, it was so very surreal! That and having a German tourist serenade us after dinner with a didgeridoo… yep, it was all totally surreal!

The next morning one would have thought Young Sir was a local. This is one of my ALL-TIME favorite shots of him – totally immersed in the moment!

Harrison by Firepit

Girl Child, even though she was better than she’d been all week, was still not well the morning we left but we forced a photo of her on the Sahara Sand Dune knowing, quite rightly, that if she didn’t have proof of her being there, she’d be upset!

Moo in the Sahara Desert

The drive back to Sawadi took over eight hours so along the way we stopped for a snack where Girl Child came back to life. Watching her polish off that plate of really delicious local cuisine, in such a beautiful setting, made our hearts burst.

A little snack on our return from the Sahara

Oh yes, if you ever have the opportunity to spend a night in the Sahara Desert, DO IT, I don’t even like sand but oh my, this was an experience I do again in a heart-beat!!

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