Finland / Lapland…

There was NO WAY on this earth that I was returning to Australia, having had three winters in Iceland, NOT having had a white Christmas. My solution, I booked the family to have Christmas 2007 in Lapland. Snow and Santa – a win win if you ask me!

Meeting Santa in Lapland

The hilarious thing was that as we rode the bus to our cabin we were advised that there’d been no snow for TWO WEEKS and there was NONE SCHEDULESERIOUSLY!!!

However the Gods were smiling, waking to snow falling Christmas morning, stopping in time for our snow-mobile journey to the Arctic Circle that morning before it began falling lightly again that afternoon when we went on our Reindeer Ride.

Reindeers in Lapland

Let me tell you, the reindeer ride was far nice than our the Husky Ride. You felt every bump in the ice when being driven by those dogs and wow, you smelt everything they’d EVER eaten in that last week!

Unfortunately I had a new little camera I’d bought on our cruise as a “hand-bag backup” that I’d set to stop red-eye but sadly made anything NOT a close up blurry. Yep, live and learn!

The Boyz and their Dogs

We only spent four days in Lapland but the time was so well-organized that even though we did so much we still had down-time to absorb what we’d been experiencing. What was unexpected was the snow castle as we thought that was a Swedish thing. It was so cool (pardon the pun)!


The thickness of the walls reminded me of our apartment in Florence of all things!


We vowed and declared we’d do the trip again in five years so have begun looking at the possibility of another visit in the coming years…

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