We visited Athens as one of our ports of call on our September 2007 Mediterranean cruise. This turned out to be “one of those days“!

It was incredibly hot on this day so when we parked at the bottom of the Acropolis and began the long walk up there was a collective groan from our tour group. In storage we have the most beautiful photo of the children and Hubby with the Acropolis in the background.

The Acropolis - forever a work in progress!

Another thing that made this day interesting was that it was the official parade for all the fire-fighters who had fought so long and hard against the bush fires that had raged through Greece just a month earlier. This parade had many roads closed so our bus-driver and guide were in quite a frazzle as their regular routes were all blocked.

Given what Greece had experienced just a month prior it was quite amusing to see this fire hose on the side of a building in Athens, blocked by a tree that had grown in front of it!


When we were finally dropped off for lunch the bus couldn’t stay so we were told to meet in another spot. Of course Hubby didn’t hear all this did he so on our way back to the bus as he and Young Sir stopped off for a quick toilet break, not telling us of course, daughter and I continued on the correct path to the bus whilst the boys went back to where we were dropped off.

The next two hours were the most agonizing two hours I have ever experienced as even though the main reason for booking the on-shore excursions though the cruise-line was because they left no body behind… THEY DID!

Whilst the bus returned the rest of the tour group including my daughter and I to the ship, my husband and son were missing. For two hours we waited and waited at the entrance without any sign. One lovely English couple stayed with us trying to calm us whilst another couple took note of our cabin number to leave a note on the door, just in case.

Lucky they did cause you know why? Hubby and son had taken a taxi and actually beaten the bus back so went aboard figuring that’s what we would do when we couldn’t see them. Huh? I didn’t know whether to punch him or kiss him. What a memory of Athens!

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