Due to Hubby’s work our family moved to Iceland early August 2005, living there until February 2008. It was one INCREDIBLE experience living there – we’d all do it again in a heart-beat!

Just another day in Iceland

Of course we weren’t living in the capital of Reykjavik on the west coast but rather on the east coast in the small village of Reyðarfjörður, that before the project arrived had a population of 695. This was one small town!

Actually, all Iceland is so small that you can drive around it in 24 hours. We know as we did it! Well, we did half in 12 hours then did the other half in three days, savoring some of the most unique landscape we’d ever come across!

Iceland is one of those extraordinary countries that although VERY expensive to get there and VERY expensive to visit, it is so VERY worth the expense. There’s nothing like it!!!

So... what did you think?

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