Akureyri is a town in northern Iceland, at 12 o’clock I would always say, and is the second largest “shopping” city in the country. Hence we would aquaplane across the hinterland from Reyðarfjörður in the winter months for a big “buy up“!

Akureyri always reminds of Bonn in Germany with its quaint  architecture, cobbled streets and a smattering of snow. In the center of town is the majestic Church of Akureyri that has, get this, a church organ with 3200 pipes. Seems like overkill but!

Akureyrie in the Winter

Plus it also has, wait for it, wait for itA CHRISTMAS HOUSE! Yes, Christmas decorations for sale all year round – it’s just glorious. And if you visit near Christmas they have a smoked leg of lamb hanging up in the shop that they simply cut pieces off for you to try. Tasted like a grass-fire to me but the owner enjoys it!

Christmas House Akureyi

Another thing, New Year’s Eve is MASSIVE here. Well, it’s big everywhere in Iceland. I was once told the country has a population of 200,000 but imports 300,000 tonne of fireworks for New Year’s Eve, and after our first New Year’s here, I believe it!

We heard the popping of fireworks begin at 3pm, just as the sun was beginning to dip although officially fireworks weren’t to begin until 11pm. Come midnight however… Oh. My. Gosh. DO IT!!!

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