Puffin Island (aka Borjarfjordur Eystri)

To get this little piece of paradise is quite the drive but as soon as you see a Puffin with his bright-orange beak filled with fish, all is forgiven. The first time we drove out there we saw no Puffins and it was cold. Actually it was colder than cold with the wind feeling as if it had blown directly off the Arctic. My gosh it was cold!

The next time when we took my parents I prepared myself by dressing for the cold and naturally, the sun was shining, there wasn’t a breath of wind and it was all but hot, sometimes you simply can’t win, lol!

Puffin with his Fill

To watch these small birds feeding their young back in their nests on the estuary was such a privilege. It was so worth the second trip that had Miss Three throwing up in my toque along the way!


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