Vatnajokull glacier is the largest icecap in the world outside the Arctics and its highest peak, Hvannadalshnjúkur, is the highest peak in Iceland.

The entire family including the grandparents, all traveled to the top of the glacier. The children, Hubby and I all scooted over the glacier on snow-mobiles, whilst the grand-parents rode in a four-wheel drive made for ice.

Following a morning on the largest glacier in Europe, we ate at the restaurant also situated on top of this glacier. Never a dull moment!

The Vatnojokull Experience!

What we all found disconcerting though was how a lot of the ice was grey or black due to the volcanic ash on the island. Volcanoes are still a very real threat to Iceland – something hard to believe when you see so much ice!

So... what did you think?

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