We first visited Italy as a family in September 2006, spending time in Florence, Venice and Rome. Then as luck would have it, only 12 months later, we were visiting Rome, Venice and Naples as part of our Mediterranean Cruise.

Traveling through Italy with children is so not hard and the best part, we could walk into any restaurant with our two darlings who were three and five the first time, and we would NEVER get the stink-eye from staff. Such a refreshing change. 🙂

All the best snaps are in storage but fortunately I made small 6″x6″ albums for the grandparents that contained some of these snaps. Due to varying circumstances these have been returned to me so I at least have something!

Italy as soon through the eyes of our family!

Piazza San Marco in Venice was flooding during the high tides but as the water was so clear and clean we allowed the children to have a play. Darling Daughter managed to get herself on the front page of the daily  newspaper thanks to her little frolic. So cool!

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