I’d visited Florence before but I daresay it was something to do with the company at the time, so really didn’t think much of it. This time however I fell in love with the place!

The apartment we rented was the best, literally across the road from The Douma on the top floor of a very old building. The walls on this place were a foot thick, so full of character. The main bedroom had French doors, leading to a terrace complete with candles.

This terrace was perfect to sit of an evening drinking whichever bottle of wine we’d bought that day, or sit there of a morning, sipping coffee, basking in the sun’s rays listening to the bells of The Douma. And get this, there was a fabulous restaurant outside the front door downstairs. Bonus!

Each day we watched as the horse and carriage rides began their journey’s from The Douma. On our last day we treated ourselves to one of these carriage rides. Such a glorious way to see Florence!

Horse and Carriage ride outside the Doma

The children loved all the different piazzas we’d stumble upon as we walked the city. The wonderful Italian gelato we discovered along the way were also enjoyed, often softening the pain of yet another statue of Galleria dell’Accademia.

Pont Vecchio proved both interesting and exciting with all its little shops. Across the river we discovered “Pinocchio“! Every shop, and then some, had their own take on Pinocchio which amused the children no end.

Pont Vecchio in the afternoon

On one of the streets directly up from The Douma there was one of the most amazing little pastry/chocolate shops. What we discovered on closer inspection was this shop had a restaurant attached so what was originally going to be a take-away snack resulted in a wonderful afternoon of sitting, enjoying tasty delights, each others company, and people watching. Brilliant!

High Tea - just delightful!

So yes, we loved Florence!

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