Our inclusion of Rome whilst visiting Italy was more for a tick in the box for the rest of the family as Hubby wasn’t so interested. Having originally felt the same way until my first visit, then going back over and over again, I really wanted him to experience the city for himself.

We did a double-decker bus tour as we always did as we feel this gives us a good idea of a city’s layout whilst seeing all the sites. Of all the sites the Vatican blew everyone’s mind the most. Perhaps as the Da Vinci Code was big at the time, it made it all the more exciting but even the rain couldn’t dampen our enthusiasm!

A soggy time at the Vatican

A morning was spent exploring the ruins of The Colosseum…


and getting down. Who said visiting ancient ruins had to be dull?!

Gettin down at the Columsium

Wishes were made as coins were thrown into Trevi Fountain.

Trevi Fountain

And then we climbed!


As young as the children were, even they could sense how incredible it was to have ancient ruins butting up to everyday houses!

Roman ruins

And although we only spent three days in Rome we covered a lot of ground, not only on the bus but on foot, and all, all of us, experienced the magic that is Rome!

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