Venice is always, has always been, one of my favorite cities. That may sound a tad cliché but there’s just something about how one HAS to walk everywhere to see everything. I simply adore it – everywhere you look, it looks like a postcard!

Typical Venice

The buildings with canals running between them instead of roads is always a head-spin.

Gondolas in Venice

Somehow the children were enticed to the top of the almost 100m high Piazza San Marco Bell Tower. The view did nothing for them but seeing the people below us looking like ants, now that was exciting to them. We still preferred the view over at Dogana Da Mar and Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute!

Looking down onto Venice

The pigeons of Piazza San Marco will always be the favorite for Young Sir. I can’t stand pigeons when they flock at you like this but Young Sir is more than happy to have them crawl all over him.

Pigeon Power!

Girl Child on the other-hand still prefers to her gelato!

Beautiful Gelao Girl

Oh. My. How she did enjoy them!

Gelato in Venice!

It was the high-tides of Piazza San Marco that intrigued us the most though. The shops had specially fitted guards they slipped into their door frames to allow their shops to remain open but the flood waters to stay out. At first we tip-toed through the water.

Tip-toeing in Venice

However, by the end of the visit we were allowing the children to strip down and enjoy the water since it was so clear and clean. This was how She Child made the front page of the daily paper, simply having fun. What a hoot!


To have the opportunity to visit again after only 12 months was such a pleasure!

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