It was my Darling Husband‘s work that brought us to Kitimat, BC – Canada for. The children and I flew into Vancouver 15 April, 2011 after an almost 15 hours flight from Brisbane to join my husband. My husband had come over six weeks earlier whilst we stayed in Australia due to my father’s ill-health. 

Kitimat 2011

In the past I’ve only ever done short three hour flights previously with the children on my own so this was a completely new experience for me. As a family though we’ve done long haul flights before so we knew what we were in for as we’ve flown Australia-Singapore, Singapore-London, London-San Francisco, and Paris-Casablanca. Not that that makes time go any faster when confined to the inside of an aircraft with young children.

But I have to say, no matter how fancy or small the gaming consoles and games are becoming for children nothing beats good old paper and pencils. When all the movies had been watched and their book became boring, what did they reach for? Paper and pencils – something I try to never leave home without!

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