Halifax, Nova Scotia

Visiting Halifax was a bonus on our 2012 cruise thanks to Super Storm Sandy. We began the cruise in Quebec City, with our first port of call to be New York City which incidentally coincided with Super Storm Sandy’s arrival. Hence our change of course which resulted in us having to over-night in Halifax, BOO YAH!

With both children more than slightly interested in the Titanic this was the perfect port of call but there is plenty else to see, and we saw but a few.

First stop was out to Peggy’s Cove and its beautiful lighthouse.

Peggy Cove Lighthouse was no pushover!

This cove is said to be one of the most photographed in the world!

Miss Peggy's Cove

This was of little importance to two little people enjoying the strong winds from the Super Storm.

Blowing in the wind at Halifax

Then it was onto the serious business of the Titanic. First stop the cemetery where those bodies able to be recovered were buried.

Titanic Cemetry

Then onto the Museum where artifacts recovered from the Titanic are displayed along with a replica of the only deck chair ever recovered from the ship.

sleeping on the titanic

Even walking around in 35-40mph winds couldn’t distract of the beauty of the port area.

34mph winds couldn't stop us from being tourists

5 thoughts on “Halifax, Nova Scotia

  1. Beautiful photos – we had the honor of visiting Peggys Cove a few years ago and it is now one of my favorite places to visit. (Ok I will admit anywhere in Canada and Nova Scotia is a favorite destination!)

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  2. Usually when people say something is “moody” they refer to melancholy, but I think this is moody in another way with some lively and some somber tones. I love this region of hte country because of these mixed impressions. Thank you for posting your pictures.


    • I agree with your term of moody – Halifax, especially with the added weather conditions, certainly seemed a little of this and a little that. Old and new, dark and light, traditional and modern. It all worked together beautifully. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit and to comment! 🙂

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