Jasper, Alberta

Wanting to visit the Canadian Rockies, we chose  Jasper as our destination during Spring Break 2011. Traveling  by train from Terrace it was necessary for the train to stop overnight in Prince George before heading onto Jasper.  (We stayed four days to do some shopping and to go the movies!)

I’d researched the possibility of doing one of those organized trips with the dome train carriages but dates and costs didn’t correspond hence we rode Canada’s good old VIA Rail. Which turned out to have a dome carriage anyways (they don’t you that o the website!) and a train manager who, on learning you’re an amateur photographer, is only too happy to open the back door for so you can take unhindered photos. Sensational!!!

Everywhere you look in Jasper you see the wonderful Rocky Mountains, the never disappoint!

Around Jasper

My favorite part of Jasper – where Laundromat meets Coffee Shop – this place below had the BEST coffee!

Where laundry and coffee meet

The stayed at The Fairmont which bordered Jasper’s Natural Park. The lake may have been frozen yet it still looked fabulous with the colored deck-chairs on its shore-line!

A little color on an otherwise white backddrop

How friendly are these locals that wandered in? And rather gorgeous I must say!

Resort visitors come in all shapes and sizes

My favorite part of the Fairmont Lodge was stepping into the heated swimming pool INSIDE, then swimming under the plastic dividers into the cold OUTSIDE. Brilliant!


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