Kitimat, BC

Just where is Kitimat you ask well, I think shows it best…

Kitimat 2011

Kitimat is located on the West Coast of Canada at the end of the Douglas Channel. Boating and fishing are both quite popular here as the marina readily highlights with quite the assortment of water craft located there. We find it quite bizarre that we’ve travelled so far across the world only to find ourselves looking at the same Pacific Ocean.

We love how the town has been set up with loads of walking paths, playgrounds and zebra crossings. A lot of the roads tend to loop around onto a larger road which makes life so much easier when you’re the newbies in town. Kitimat came about in the 1950’s as a company town  when an aluminum smelter was built here by Alcan.  It’s the modernization of this smelter which brings us here and shall lead us to much exploring of the nearby areas.


0 thoughts on “Kitimat, BC

  1. And there’s more experiences to come with Spring Break coming up – hopefully one or two bucket list items are about to be ticked off – watch this space!!!


    • My dear you are my hero!!!! love your pictures and miss your lovely cards!!!. I love the way you explain your life there so good. Keep the good job, you are great!!! Kisses and hugs to the family


    • Our two little people are LOVIN” Kitimat also (as are we – happy children, happy parents!) – its such a great place to be – we feel blessed every day! Hey, love ya’ blog 🙂 J/x


      • How could someone not love it? It’s beautiful. Your blog got me really missing the place. And I love all the pics of everywhere you go. You’re very lucky to have had so many awesome experiences =)


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