Niagara Falls, Ontario

During Spring Break 2013 we spent a few days at Niagara Falls, on the Canadian side!

I had a room booked with views of Niagara Falls but never expected anything quite like this – it was incredible seeing Horseshoe Falls directly outside our window!

Niagara Falls was right there, just outside our hotel room window!

Seeing Niagara Falls from our room was mind-blowing enough, but to be able to walk beside it was unbelievable. The mist blowing off the falls then freezing on the nearby trees was simply stunning!

Frozen Mist makes a wonderful picture

We even took to the skies in a helicopter to see Niagara Falls.


Horseshoe Falls even from above is  absolutely amazing!

Looking down onto Horse Shoe Falls from the Helicopter

And of course let’s not forget seeing the falls from behind!

The Falls from BEHIND them!!!

Someone attempted hinting to me that seeing Niagara Falls in the winter would be a waste of time but we beg to differ, it was just fabulous!

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