Prince Rupert, BC

As this city is only a 3-1/2 hour drive from Kitimat this is somewhere we like to “retreat” to for some down-time, where we do nothing but eat and relax.

There’s a  B&B ride on the water’s edge down at Cow Bay which we favor. Yes, we are aware there are hotels in the city but the breakfast Mary prepares for us every morning are so fabulous and truly, the cost of the meal she prepares almost equals the price of the room overnight so…

Eagle Bluff B&B - always a favorite of ours!

Cow Bay has all we really need when we visit as it has a couple of cafes, a couple of odds and sods shops, a clothes shop, a house shop and the obligatory fish and chip outlet which is just the BEST. Oh, and the cows are pretty cute too!

Cow Bay, Prince Rupert!

This sign-post never loses it appeal for us.

Moo's iPad 014

The swimming pool in Prince Rupert is rather awesome.

Water Play

Then there’s always the option of doing a Grizzly Bear Watching day cruise up to K’tzim-a-deen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary and Inlet Conservancy. We saw Grizzly Bears, Bald Eagles, Whales and Seals – it was well worth the money spent and would, more than willingly, do it again!

Bear watching of Prince RupertAnd the view on the way out of Prince Rupert is rather spectacular also!

Leaving Prince Rupert - how amazing is this?!

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