Quebec City, Quebec

Our 2012 cruise of the East Coast of North American began in Quebec City. Having been there many years ago myself, I was very keen for my family to experience this beautiful city for themselves. It didn’t disappoint!

We stayed in the old city, not far from the port, having ourselves an additional night prior to embarkation to get a true “feel” for the city, and it being so close to Halloween didn’t hurt either. This is just the smallest part of the decorations in front of City Hall!

City Hall decorations were the best by far!

Château Frontenac stands high above everything else, making it an excellent landmark when you need to get your bearings as you walk around the old city!

Our Landmark for everything!

A statue of Samuel de Champlain, a man of many talents, who founded Quebec City back in 1603 can be found in the small square near Château Frontenac.

Obviously someone special

Quebec’s Parliament Building is home to many more sculptures of those who helped shape Quebec City in the early years.

Could be somewhere very special

View from one of the Canadian Coast Guard’s Stations, looking down the St Lawrence River.

Looking downt the St Lawrence River

Montmorency Falls, fed by the St Lawrence River, is a magnificent sight to behold. So well worth the visit and the long walk that takes you over the falls and down the other side!

The falls

Quebec City, so worth a week’s visit!

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