Vancouver, BC

We spent three nights here to minimise our jet-lag before heading to Kitimat. Rule of thumb before I arrive at a new city is to all but over-Google the place so I know it inside-out prior to touch down. Not this time… my only plans for Vancouver was a long, hot bath, a sleep-in or two, and a good curry take-out!

I did however manage to find an apartment that was within walking distance to the city centre itself (much to my families disgust I like to walk around a city rather than catch cabs or even buses if I can avoid it) that gave us two bedrooms, a kitchen and TWO televisions with cable. Some may find this hideous but when travelling with two children who have just had to give up their home, their school and friends, and more importantly their grandparents whom they adore, cable television seemed the least we could do for them!

The locale of the Landis Hotel was great for our needs. There was a pub two blocks down from us that did a $5 brunch until 4pm. Then diagonally  across from this was the most wonderful park which we visited every day – the children played whilst we each had our jumbo coffee. On the other corner this was the most fascinating retro shop where young sir acquired the leather jacket he’s always wanted!

We did manage to visit the Vancouver Lookout which we loved. Tickets are valid all day so you can visit in the morning then go back in the evening to see the city lights. That was our plan but didn’t quite make it back… oops! The view during the day didn’t disappoint as you can see.

Kitimat 2011

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