Skoura was our base whilst in Morocco, staying at Sawadi, a farm-stay as such.

Sawadi, our home away from home

We absolutely loved it. We had a two level original kasbah that was just brilliant. Wish I had some of our photos to share but you can see it at here .

Outside the door there was a vast array of different fruits, vegetables and nuts growing as well as an assortment of animals roaming around in one corner. All this provided food for the kitchen that anyone was welcome to go into to learn, or simply watch, how to prepare Moroccan food.

The pool was a smidge to cold for swimming but there was a lovely open kasbah, complete with table, chairs, and day beds all at our disposal. The children delighted in being able to go into this area to select games for their own amusement.

Games in Souka

The landscape around this area was just so unique. Old kasbahs were hidden in amongst palm trees in almost every direction one looked. So Moroccan, just so beautiful.

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