New Zealand…

It’s bizarre but true that our trip to New Zealand was only had for tax reasons. Hubby was working in New Caledonia at the time so as per advice from our accountant we needed to be “out of the country” to ensure a better tax benefit. Of course come actual tax time in was all irrelevant but it was nice to get away anyways!

As Young Sir was only 20-months at the time, and I was pregnant with Girl Child, I didn’t need a full-on holiday hence we chose Christchurch on New Zealand’s south island as I’d already visited the North Island three times. Christchurch was simply beautiful and so easy to get around making it such a pleasure.

Of course all my photos are in storage and knew there were some at my mother’s house but alas, when she moved into the nursing home and her house cleared out, an entire box of photos my mother had were thrown out. 😦

So… thank you wiki for something at least!

New Zealand

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