Christchurch was simply a pleasure to visit in January 2003, even at five-months pregnant and with an eighteen-month old baby!

We were spoilt for choice as to what to do. One of our first trips was up to Crater Rim by Gondola. Once at the top we enjoyed a very tasty lunch and enjoyed some great shopping of all things!

Christchurch Gondola

We went punting down the Avon which, as cliché as it sounds, was a lot of fun in six-inches of water.

Punting down the Avon

It was so easy. Even the trams had hooks on the front of them so one didn’t have to close down and lump it up any stairs. What a joy, and yes, in storage I have a photo of our pram on a tram but in lieu of that, this is all I could find…

Christchurch trams and church

That church in the background was just beautiful. There was a little cafe to the side where we stopped for a cold drink and lunch one day, plus we sat on the steps simply enjoying the sights. The church in the background above was damaged in the 2011 earthquakes reducing it to this…

UK Telegraph of Christchurch Church

Christchurch was just brilliant, the cafes, the food, everything was just so easy… even with a young family!

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