Disneyland Paris

There was no way we could visit Paris without a visit to Disneyland Paris. We chose to spend three nights at the Resort where the gates to the park were literally outside our door, it was brilliant. And having breakfast with the stars didn’t hurt either!

Mickey Mouse

We’d heard mixed reports about this Disneyland, those that had been spoke highly of it whilst those who had never been (and all likelihood never would) thought it inferior to other Disneyland’s. Odd then how its Europe’s most-visited theme park complex, with a record 16 million guests for 2012. This gives it nearly as many visitors as the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre combined. Not too shabby for somewhere so “inferior“.

There’s no denying this park is smaller than the others but hey, we were traveling with small people so found it just brilliant. To see and ride the Spinning Cup and Saucers, it was VERY surreal. What do the children remember of that ride? Mama so giddy after the ride that I threw up in the first trash can I saw… oops! 🙂

Disneyland Cups and Saucers

He who was responsible for all the spinning – he was a strong little guy at just four!

He who was in charge of spinning the cup... ugh!

Maybe it was just us, but we had the best time. We were some of the first families through the gates of a morning and on one occasion I think we were actually the last to leave the park after the parade on night. We simply couldn’t get enough but as I say, perhaps it was just us! 🙂

So... what did you think?

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