We spent nine nights in Paris in March 2006.

The children were two and four at the time but that was of no deterrent to us at all. We didn’t even travel with a pram that’s how confident we were of our little people. Admittedly there were times when Hubby would throw the Princess on his shoulders but on the most part, they did well on their own!

We rented an apartment, supposingly belonging to a Colombian movie director, within walking distance of the Eiffel Tower. The apartment was close to everything, particularly restaurants, coffee shops and shopping in general!

On one of our first days we spent the ENTIRE day at the Eiffel Tower. Feeding the pigeons before we queued up before it even opened. We went up the Eiffel Tower, looking from every level at every view. The children ate chocolate crepes for morning tea then when our stomachs began rumbling we decided what the hey, if we can get a table at the fabulous restaurant up on the Eiffel Tower then we’ll go.

Eiffel Tower and Children

We were lucky enough to acquire a table – what a lunch – the food was delicious! The funniest part of the meal was us enjoying the champagne. We both thought €45 for a bottle of champagne was more than reasonable considering where we were so enjoyed our first glass and nodded to the waiter when our glasses required refilling. The look on our faces when the bill came and we discovered the €45 was per GLASS not bottle. Oh. My. Gosh!

At the Eiffel Tower Park (I’m sure it has a far glorious name but you know where I mean when I call it this!) of a week-end they would have all these small push and peddle cars for rent. It’s just the best for little people.

Driving in Paris is a serious concern!

Our Young Sir thought it was just the best, taking it all very seriously!

A four-year-olds idea of heaven!

The Princess found her own version of a car to ride. There was the most magical old carousel across the road from the Eiffel Tower.


Each and every time we went past it we would have to have a ride. We quickly learnt to find other ways back to our apartment.

Our little man on a Paris Merry-go-round

Besides our fun at the Eiffel Tower we did do a LOT of the obligatory Paris “to-do” things. It’s a shame some fiend stole my laptop and backup USB’s with all our beautiful photos so you could see what we did and where we went.

We sailed down the Seine River, walked the river-banks, we explored the Champs Elysees, the Arc de Triompe (whilst the boys climbed to the top, Princess and I sat at a cafe on the Champs Elysees drinking champagne. Well I drank champagne, Princess drank coke as treat!), we ate lunch at the Musee d’Orsay behind the HUGE old railway clock, shopped at Galeries Lafayette Department Store, rode the double-decker bus around the city, and took a day trip by train to Versailles.

Paris - Vaisailles Moo

Our Princess looked stunning with her new French Frock walking around the beautiful old Versailles Palace. We even experienced a hail storm as we sat on the tractor that drove us around the property. What an amazing way to spend a day!

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    • Oh my, what a compliment – she certainly came out a lady – has crossed her legs from the get go, poses for photos on cue and has trimmed her own hair since age TWO, lol!!! 🙂


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