I had secretly hoped after seeing Izmir as a port of call on our 2007 Mediterranean Cruise that I’d be able to show the family Ephesus, a place I’d stumbled upon when visiting Turkey “last century“. Hearing how Cleopatra and Mark Antony had once strolled these streets simply blew my mind!

Ephesus street

Oddly though I was the only person interested in this shore-tour so instead we took a beautiful horse and carriage ride around the city that was a huge hit.

Izmir courtesy of Wikipedia

There are some lovely photos of the children in Izmir, one I particularly like is the two of them contemplating washing their feet in one of the numerous “feet fountains” we saw around the city. This one was situated directly behind where this photo below was taken. As soon as they’d had their snack and allowed me this happy snap, the two of the went of exploring!


Izmir, was a delight!

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