Charleston, South Carolina

We had absolutely no preconceived ideas of Charleston. All we knew was that we were doing a horse-drawn tour of the old city in the morning and that was all but it was just so beautiful, even the children adored it!

What we discovered was one of America’s oldest city’s – the architecture we saw was simply stunning. So many of the homes had the widest verandahs to both cool down the houses and to enjoy the breezes outside.

Charleston our favoriote house

Rainbow Row was a short street of a dozen houses, all joined together yet all different colors. Such a wonderful surprise!

Chareleston Rainbow street

This house is called “The Wedding Cake” as it both resembles a wedding cake with its tiers and being white plus it was built as a wedding present!

Charelston Wedding Cake House

Church spires seemed to loom up whichever way you looked.

Charleston Street

These church spires were all shapes, colors and styles.

Charleston another church

Even Halloween decorations had a sense of elegance about them in Charleston!

Charleston Halloween doorway

We even stumbled upon the most fabulous BBQ establishment for lunch. Oh yes, the Gods were so smiling on us whilst we visited Charleston!

Charleston BBQ

Seeing pelicans in darker shades took some time to get used to though but a pelican is a pelican, always gorgeous!

Charleston Pelicans

Darling Daughter and I would go back to Charleston in a nano-second. In fact, we’re thinking of petitioning Hubby’s work to secure a project there so that we can actually MOVE there. A girl can dream can’t she?!

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