Disney World, Florida

What can I say about Disney World that hasn’t already been said? It’s brilliant!

Although…when we went in March 2013, we could all honestly say that we were simply ticking a box as I’d promised the children this trip when we first moved to Canada but as time went on, their eagerness waned but a promise is a promise.

However from the moment we arrived at Orlando Airport everything changed. Disney World have their own bus check-in at the airport complete with red carpets. They collect your suitcases, answer any questions and make you feel like utter royalty. It was so nice!

Once we drove through those first gates we understood how it was its own city, the sheer size of it all blew our mind. Someone tried to tell me prior to going that it was “just like California’s” but having been to both, let me tell you IT’S SO NOT. Magic Kingdom might be the same but Florida also has Animal Kingdom, Disney Studio, and Epcot.

Animal Kingdom was hands-down our favorite park over-all.

Animal Kingdom - Animal Tree

Epcot had the best fireworks!

Epcot Fireworx - just the best

Disney Studio was all about the entertainment and the rides – what a hoot!

Rock n Roller Coaster - yea baby

And of course there’s the Magic Kingdom, and well, it’s the Magic Kingdom!

Magic Kingdom

Our accommodation wasn’t too shabby either. We chose the Grand Floridian as it was the closest to Magic Kingdom (with availability) and the monorail running through it!

The Grand Floridian Spa and Resort

From our balcony we could watch the fireworks over the Magic Kingdom each night and each morning watch as the mist rose  around it!

Magic Kingdom of a morning

We also took the opportunity to see our first Cirque du Soleil here, La Nouba at Downtown Disney. Oh. My. Gosh! If time had permitted you could easily spend a full day at Downtown Disney!

Cirque du Soleil - La Nouba

As I said, as we were merely ticking a box with this visit we only spent four nights but in retrospect, we could have easily spent FOURTEEN nights it was all so good!


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