Houston, Texas

Friends had us visiting Houston for New Year’s Eve 2008 and we were so surprised with what we found to see and do there!

As we arrived a few days before New Year’s, our friends were still away with family so we stayed at a hotel until they arrived back. Houston, we discovered, was so easy to get around. Plus it had a Hard Rock Cafe so we were happy. The children may have only been four and six but they knew the ribs of a Hard Rock!

Hard Rock Houston

A day was spent at the Houston Aquarium which was more than we’re accustomed to as it had not only the obligatory fish displays but also games, rides and what else but white tigers!

White Tigers at an Aquarium!

Houston also has the most amazing shopping mall called The Galleria, it’s huge! To give you an idea of how huge, this is the Christmas Tree they still had upstairs on one of the levels.

Now that's a Christmas Tree

On the downstairs level was a full size ice-rink where the children had the opportunity to ice-skate for the first time.

HLR ice skating for the first time

This mall even had a hotel upstairs, it had all the designer name brands and as for food, they had actual restaurants in the center. We found a wonderful steak place so after a day of shopping and skating finished the day there for dinner. The children were so exhausted they curled up and slept under the table!

H and M asleep under the table at a steak restaurant we visited!

Who said you can’t travel with children – you simply have to adapt!

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