Hyder, Alaska

When we first learnt that moving to Kitimat could be a possibility, we began researching and saw Alaska was VERY close! Alaska is somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit due to the uniqueness of the country. That and the television serious Northern Exposure with John Corbett perhaps had a little to do with it I think!

As we first drove into Hyder you couldn’t help but get a Northern Exposure feeling, albeit with less snow!

Crossing the border into Hyder

On arriving in Kitimat we discovered Alaska was even closer, merely a four-hour drive away so what was a family to do but ROAD TRIP! An added bonus to this trip was the viewing of the black bears catching and eating fresh salmon. That was INCREDIBLE!

Dinner Time for the Black Bears!

Outside Hyder is Salmon Glacier, one of the few glaciers in the world you can actually drive to the top of. To get there we drove for two hours at 20km/hr as the roads were so bumpy, past old gold mines and natural waterfalls for this incredible view.

Salmon Glacier - believe it or not!

Yep, the clouds were so low they filled the glacier and any chance of seeing it. Oddly, we all found this extremely funny, not upsetting in the least which was fortunate!

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