Key West, Florida

Key West was our last port of call when we did our 2012 Cruise of the East Coast of North America. Here we chose to do a short walking tour of Key West then spend the rest of the time simply wandering.

Coming into dock we just knew we were coming into somewhere quite unique when these waters greeted us.

RR Blue Reefs

But I have to say those dark pelicans still mess with my mind!

RR  Dark Pelicans WTF

During our walking tour we came across some amazing sculptures.

RR Artwork

And we walked past some amazing architecture.

RR Glorious Architecture

The boats we saw in the marina left us all dreaming!

RR  Dreaming of the day one is ours

But the peppers shop we stopped by for a tasting was by far the most tasty of all!

RR Pepper of Key West

It wasn’t a long visit but we made the most of the time we had. Lunch was even had at a Cuban Restaurant, which was different…

So... what did you think?

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