New York, New York

Unless you live under a rock, there isn’t anything I can say that hasn’t already been said about New York. It is the most WONDERFUL city to be in. Even with children, who in March 2013 were nine and eleven, everyone had a blast!

We began our visit with a helicopter flight which didn’t disappoint.

Over Manhatten

The Statue of Liberty was still closed to boats following the aftermath of Super-storm Sandy, so being able to fly over Liberty herself was brilliant!

Liberty Flaming

Whatever we wanted to do seemed to begin at Times Square where we had dinner the first night at Hard Rock Cafe.

RR and Hard Rock

There was also a Harry Potter Exhibition being held whilst we were in town that we just had to see!

RR and Hog Warts

We took the double-decker buses all around the city in a feeble attempt to see everything. We even managed to the WTC Sphere that almost survived the falling of the towers.

WTC Sphere after the 911 attacks...

Central Park blew everyone’s mind as even though we knew the theory of it being big, when we actually walked it, it was HUGE!

Central Park Conservatory

We visited the Guggenheim!


We took an afternoon strolling through the Natural History Museum.

The Natural History Museum

We even managed a stroll through the armor at the Metropolitan Art Museum but by the end the children were growing weary. Funny aren’t they, lol?!

RR Exhausted at the Met

An evening was spent at the Rockefeller Center where we met my niece and her partner for dinner, then went ice skating, and then took a walk around the top viewing area. Absolutely incredible!

Falling of the Rock

We even managed to squeeze in a trip down to China Town where the children experienced their very first Yum Char, complete with Chicken Feet – what a hoot!

Chicken Feet - the ultimate Chinese delight!

We may have only been in New York for a short time but it was one HECK of a time!

So... what did you think?

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