Norfolk, Virginia

Norfolk to us is an island of the coast of Australia so when we saw we were visiting Norfolk America, we had no idea where we were going but it sure did look glorious sailing in that morning!

RR Norfolk Architecture

Turns out if you have a war ship that needs a mechanic, this is the place to go!

RR Tune up time

What seemed like a good idea two months prior to our cruise, didn’t seem the best choice when actually in port. The weather turned cold so sitting on a tall ship was not that pleasant. I can’t deny we were ALL counting down the hours until we disembarked that vessel as it was SO boring and being cold didn’t help.

RR Wondering what we're doing

We needed warming up so where else does one go but to Hooters!

RR Hooters

Sailing out that evening was beautiful with all the lights on shore.

RR Sailing out of Norfold

Oh, and turns out the shopping there wasn’t half bad either!

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