San Francisco, California

On our demobilization from Iceland, we spent a week in San Francisco on our way back to Australia in February 2008. Oh. My. It was so good even without our luggage for four days – that’s how good it was!

Then again, there was Alcatraz and who doesn’t like Alcatraz I ask you?!

RR Alcatraz

Walking around Alcatraz was just so surreal – we had a blast!

Doing the Alcatraz Conga!

But walk around inside where the prisoners had eaten, walk into their cells – now that blew our minds!

Inside Alcatraz - WOW!

To give you an idea of how much we enjoyed exploring Alcatraz, we even stopped for the tragic tourist photo!

RR Alcatraz Family

Our hotel was so very close to Pier 39 that Pier 39 was like our home away from home. We’d watch the sea lions for hours, enjoy the carnival rides that were scattered here and there, do some shopping, enjoy freshly cooked crabs, and breathe in deeply whenever we walked past the bakery!

Pier 39 Bakery

On arriving into San Francisco, we quickly learnt that our luggage was still sitting in London. Having already been left without luggage in London when we overnighted there the day before, we had been looking forward to fresh clothes.

The airline was kind enough to  give us a $500 visa card to go towards essentials so out we went and bought four tickets on a seaplane. Seemed essential to us as we wouldn’t have been able to budget for it otherwise.

RR Luggage Money

As for our clothes, we simply washed those bits that were necessary and sprayed on more deodorant! 🙂

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  1. My brother live in SF and I kept taking pics of Alcatraz and the bay. When we got home, he said, you know… you can see the bay from all of SF. Doh! Great captures!


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