Washington DC

Being able to visit Washington DC the day before the Presidential Elections 2012 was such a thrill.

There is so much of Washington you see in movies and television shows that you don’t even realize you are seeing but the children did! Seeing Abe up close was my moment!

RR Abe and Family

The Washington Monument and the Reflecting Pool where Forest Gump waded across for his Jen-nie was rather spectacular to see in real-life also!

RR Pool of Remembrance

As for the White House, we almost missed it as it didn’t seem quite as imposing in reality as it does on camera. Areas directly in front of the White House were already been cornered off for the media but thanks to my trusty iPhone and its panoramic capability, it was like they weren’t there!

RR Panoramic

However, as you walked along Pennsylvania Avenue and looked up to the roof-tops above, you couldn’t help but be aware of the significance of the following day.

RR Roof Top Friends

We stopped for lunch at Union Street Station before heading over to the Space Smithsonian which was incredible. I could have easily spent just a week going through that building alone!

RR Simthsonian

The history we saw was just so phenomenal that even the children were frustrated when we couldn’t stay longer!

RR Smithsonian fans

Oh yes, for us Washington DC was a winner. Perhaps one day we’ll return with more time to truly appreciate what we saw!

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