The Under Belly (One Four Challenge – Week 1)

WOO HOO, it’s that time once again! Time for another One-Four-Challenge hosted by the lovely Robyn Gosby over at Captivate Me. My love-hate relationship with the challenge will be eternal, lol.

A few weeks ago my neighbour had all these mushrooms randomly appear across his front lawn. Having learnt he’s very “anti” the ‘schroom, the very first opportunity I had on seeing his vehicle driving away (knowing his shovel would soon be out) I was out with my camera. Here is one of ‘schroom’s and my Week 1


Not much was really done for this week’s editing. I’ve cropped it just a little to bring the gills closer as well as bumping up the contrast to also enhance these gills. Then it was just a little tweak to the vibrancy and clarity. As I said, really not much at all.

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If you aren’t familiar with the One-Four-Challenge is where you choose one of your own photographs and for four weeks, you edit this photo differently each week. Sounds easy enough but doesn’t always work out that way, lol!





Stylish Seed Pods (One Four Challenge – Week 1)

Woo hoo, it’s One Four Challenge time once again, hosted by the wonderful Robin over at Captivate Me. By now I’m sure you are all more than aware how much I simply LOVE this challenge, lol.

For this challenge we choose one of our own photos then each week for the next four weeks we edit it differently, in any way we so desire. Hence the name… One Four Challenge. This is my submission for Week 1.

Fur Balls - Week 1

For this first week I haven’t done a lot at all, simply cropped and upped the contrast to highlight the red on the seed pods. Below is my original photograph I chose for this month’s challenge.

Fur Balls - Original

As I’ve managed to get myself a week behind with this challenge without even trying, I’ll be posting my second submission for this challenge in a couple of days to get me back on track.




Snack Time (One-Four-Challenge: Week 1)

It’s been a crazy few months for our household and by no means is it over yet, but at least I feel there is now some semblance of  “structure” to our chaos thus I’m allowing myself time to breathe. Or at least edit some photos, lol!

One of my most favourite photography challenges has been the One Four Challenge hosted by Robyn of Captivate Me. It’s where we choose just one of our photos and over the course of four weeks, process it four different ways. Here we go!

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For Week 1 of the February One Four Challenge I’ve cropped the photo of a deer in our backyard into portrait-size then bumped up the contrast considerably… as is my way!

And as you’ve probably gathered, we’re well into February now so I’m playing MAJOR catch up. Hence Week 2 shall be coming up in just a couple of days. Oh how time flies when you’re having fun!





Tallinn Towers (One Four Challenge – Week 1)

Another month, another One Four Challenge where we choose one of our own captures then process it a different way for the following four weeks. This month, Photography by Nic is hosting this challenge whilst Robyn take a well-deserved break!

So without further ado here is my image for this week, one of the many church towers in the old city of Tallinn, Estonia last year. For this week I’ve simply straightened the photo, cropped it slightly and of course boosted the contrast.


Here is my original capture for comparison.

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Be sure to check out lovely Nic’s, Photography by Nic for her submission along with links to all the other submissions for this wonderful challenge this month.

the ONE FOUR Challenge




Morning Silhouettes (October One Four Challenge: Week 1)

Woo hoo, that time again for the One Four Challenge hosted by Robyn of Captivate Me. Each month we get to choose our own photo which we then process in a different way each week for four weeks. Hence, the One Four Challenge.

Here is my photo, two trees silhouetted against a cloudy sky, one I took on one of my many morning walks whilst in Australia.

One Four Challenge - 1-4-1

Here is my original for a quick comparison. As you can see, this week I haven’t even gone in for the crop, I’ve simply converted this into black and white, tweaking the contrast just a little.

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With a river outside my balcony and a beach around the corner, that was all the incentive I needed to get out to walking each day. To watch the sun rising over the water each morning, that was simply an amazing bonus!

the ONE FOUR Challenge





Forgotten Shed (One Four Challenge: Week 1)

School is back in for the children next week and I’m so looking forward to it if only for routine. Today sadly I totally missed Stacy’s One Photo Focus over at Visual Venturing with a great capture by  Benjamin Rowe of Aperture64. Dang it!

And now I realize I’ve almost missed the One Four Challenge. Then again, technically I haven’t missed it as really it’s a Monday thing, but Monday doesn’t really work for me hence I’ve made it a Friday thing. Anyways, here ’tis.


This is what appears to be an old shed, or may have even been a small caretakers house, once connected to the railway. With only freight coming in by rail now, this building now stands abandoned, slowly being encased by trees.

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The editing this week was all very neat and simple as all I did was crop, boosted the contrast to give it more depth, finishing off with a hint of vignetting. Just hope I haven’t used up all my party tricks now on Week 1!


the ONE FOUR Challenge





Pretty Bird – One Four Challenge

Here we go again… that’s a country song isn’t it? Which is rather apt considering I’m saddling up to give the Four One Challenge by Robyn over at Captivate Me another shot.

Pretty Bird 1-4-1

As crazy as this challenge sends me I really enjoy it. For this first week I was inspired by my earlier flower photo with the natural bokeh hence added some to this photo then upped the blue in the background.

This gorgeous little bird was singing the most glorious song at the Granville Island Markets, it’s what drew my attention to him. There were so many colors on this bird it was amazing as you’ll see in Week 4.




the ONE FOUR challenge: Week 1

Having read and watched many of these challenges over time, I’m taking the plunge this week to participate in the One Four Challenge over at Captivate Me.

What it is, you choose one of your photographs then, once a week you process it differently hence after four weeks you have your ONE photo but FOUR ways. As you can see for my first attempt I’ve chosen my photo of a rose bud just opening. Okay, so here’s my Week 1…

One Four - Week 1

For this first week both the Luminance and Vibrance were increased to the max whilst decreasing the shadows creating that softness to the edges.

Now, what shall I do next week to make it different…

the ONE FOUR Challenge