The Under Belly (One Four Challenge – Week 3)

‘Tis Week 3 of the fabulous One Four Challenge hosted by the lovely Robyn Gosby of Captivate Me.

This week curiosity had me editing to see what my ‘schroom would look like in the ageless sepia tones. Needless to say, it didn’t disappoint.


What was interesting after this edit of converting from colour to sepia was, for me at least, it felt as if I cropped the image which I hadn’t. The only other edits after changing the photograph to sepia, was to bump up the contrast and to straighten the image ever so slightly. Below are my previous week’s submissions for comparison.

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Oh, and if you aren’t familiar with the One-Four-Challenge, it’s where you choose one of your own photographs and for four weeks you edit this photo differently each week. It really does makes you think!





Stylish Seed Pods (One Four Challenge: Week 3)

Oh how quickly the weeks disappear when participating in the fabulous One Four Challenge hosted by Robyn at Captivate Me. Here is my submission for Week Three.

Fur Balls - Week 3

The sepia colour from last week worked so well with this subject matter I wondered how it would look if I slightly rotated the image then cropped it severely. Have to say, I like it!

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Above is my original photograph and my previous weeks submissions for comparison.






Snack Time (One-Four-Challenge: Week 3)

Here we are at Week 3 of the One-Four-Challange. This is the challenge where you choose one photo then each week for the next four weeks (one month) edit this image a different way. Here’s Week 3 of the deer in our back yard.

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For this week’s editing the image has been cropped, altered to grey tones, slightly sharpened, and without doubt has had the contrast bumped up.

Now remember, if you aren’t already familiar with this challenge please be sure to check out Robyn and her blog, Captivate Me.





Morning Silhouette (October One Four Challenge: Week 3)

It’s Week 3 of Robyn’s One Four Challenge. It’s where we choose one of our own images, then each week for the next four weeks we process it in a different way. Hence… One Four Challenge!

This week I’ve slightly cropped the image, leaving only a hint of the sun at the top then had the image Reflected, giving the illusion the ocean water had pooled behind this mound of sand with the trees.

One Four Challenge - 1-4-3

Here is my previous week’s images, along with the original, for you to make your own comparisons.

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the ONE FOUR Challenge





Forgotten Shed (One Four Challenge – Week 3)

With the end of another week, it’s time for week three of the One Four Challenge from Robyn of Captivate Me. For this challenge you select one of your own images then each week for four weeks, process this same image but in a different way.

This week I severely cropped the photo around the one little window that was only just visible on the side of this structure whilst adjusting the contrast to add some depth.

1-4-3 - Crop Contrast

Here is my original and the previous two weeks of processing this image.

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This window is not very apparent when you first look at the shed as it’s all but covered with the vegetation hence my desire to shed a little light on it. This editing probably would have made a lot more sense if the window was ornate or there were body parts hanging from it yet it still intrigued me.


the ONE FOUR Challenge




Yesterday’s Beauty (One Four Challenge: Week 3)

Here it is Week 3 of the One Four Challenge hosted by Robyn at Captivate Me. Robyn’s challenge is to choose one photo of your choice then each week for the next four weeks, process it a different way.

This week I’ve simply converted the photo to black and white. Admittedly I imagined this particular image would “pop” more but sadly for me, it falls way short of that mark.

Yesterdays Beauty 1-4-3

And are my efforts for the previous two weeks.

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the ONE FOUR Challenge





Pretty Bird (One Four Challenge: Week 3)


Here we are already at Week 3 of the One Four Challenge from Robyn at Captivate Me.

The changes I’ve chosen to do may not be everyone’s cup of tea this week but when I did the Negative Effect on this image I was so surprised by the amount of color still in the wings that I just had to keep it.

Pretty Bird 1-4-3

Obviously I have a lot to learn when it comes to this Negative Effect as the amount of blue in this bird really threw me. In the interim however, I’m just going to enjoy the lovely side effects of the Negative Effect.


the ONE FOUR Challenge



the ONE FOUR challenge: Week 3

Seriously, altering just one photo to produce four different looks doesn’t sound that difficult does it? WRONG… hence the word CHALLENGE!

Here here is my week three of the Captivate Me’s One Four Challenge.

One Four - Week 3

One would think when you look at this photo is that all I’ve done is simply changed the colour. Yet to get this end result I seemed to have tweaked EVERYTHING – Highlights, Shadows, Tint, Vibrance, Clarity, and even a little Angling was thrown into the mix. Too funny!

the ONE FOUR Challenge