Catching some Z’s (26 Week Letter Challenge: Z)

Oh my goodness, we’re already at the last letter of the alphabet? Oh how times flies when you’re having fun and trust me, this photo challenge hosted by Lori Bravo at Let There be Peace on Earth has been loads of fun!

This photo I’ve shown before but it always makes me smile when I see it. We’d traveled from the east coast of Iceland down to south-east Morocco all in one day. One very long day for our then five and the sleeping three-year old below traveling with us!


In this photo we were still in Casablanca on a six-hour layover before our flight to Ouarzazate where we still had over an hour’s drive to our kasbah outside Skoura (which had forgotten to send a car to collect us but that’s a WHOLE other story…). And don’t even get me started on the abandoned bag that was blown up by the bomb squad IN the Paris airport whilst we were there searching for our connecting flight!

A big thank you again to Lori for hosting this fabulous challenge – it really has been a trip down memory lane on so many occasions – LOVED IT!

26 Weeks Letter Challenge





The Ultimate Understated ! (26 Weeks Letter Challenge: U)

This week it’s the Letter U for the  26 Weeks Letter Challenge hosted by the lovely Lori Bravo from Let There be Peace on Earth.

To know the sun will rise and set each day is simply not enough. Especially when you witness such understated beauty  from mother nature like this of a morning.

Ultimate Understatement

To join in the fun of this challenge simply create your own interpretation of Lori’s letter of the week with as many photos you like then title and tag your post with 26 Weeks Letter Challenge.

26 Weeks Letter Challenge




Sun Setting over San Francisco (26 Week Letter Challenge: S)


Saturday Sunset over San Francisco


26 Weeks Letter Challenge






Quasimodo Lives Here (26 Week Letter Challenge: Q)


Quasimodo Lives Here


26 Weeks Letter Challenge





Playful Polar Bears (26 Week Letter Challenge: P)


Playful Polar Bears


26 Weeks Letter Challenge




Outstanding Orcas (26 Week Letter Challenge: O)

This week for Lori Bravo’s 26 Week Letter Challenge it’s the Letter O. What a perfect opportunity to showcase a few more captures from that morning when a family of three Orca’s swam past my house in April!

You can’t imagine my emotions when, just as I was to sit down with a coffee, I looked out of the sun-room window to see a whale. And not just any whale, an ORCA!

With Darling Daughter standing beside me, it made it all the more special when we saw it was a family of three – mom, dad and baby. How absolutely delightful!

26 Weeks Letter Challenge




Notable NIGHT Time! (26 Week Letter Challenge: N)

This was one of those fluke shots last month when I just happened to be up for a nature break. As I glanced out the window before climbing back into bed this is what I happened upon.

Night Time

It was one of those rare, magical moments I would have normally slept through, completely oblivious as to the beauty that was just outside my door.

Although I have to say, as I stood out on our back deck shivering in my pjs, I did question what the heck I was doing out there at that hour, lol!

26 Weeks Letter Challenge