A Moment of Stillness (One Photo Focus: November)

This month for One Photo Focus hosted by Stacy Fischer of Visual Venturing, Julie Powell of Julie Powell Photography has offered one of her beautiful images to edit.

Something about Julie’s image reminded me of my grandfather’s old cottage. So much so I could even smell that distinct residue from the wood-burning stove he had. Being on his own for almost a decade, it was very much an old man cottage.


With these memories from so long ago in mind, I edited the photo as such. After rotating the image slightly then cropping it, I decreased the saturation for that “old-world” feel. A grunge filter was then added followed by a weathered frame.

It now reminds of one of those thick, old photos you’d once see at an elderly relatives house. It proudly displayed behind a support on the sideboard, still in its original cardboard folder. The photo slightly crazed from years of gentle viewing.

It’s such a contrast to Julie’s crisp, clean image below.


If you aren’t familiar with One Photo Focus challenge, it’s a once a month challenge where everyone has the opportunity to edit the same one image. The results are always mind-boggling. Be sure to see all the submissions over at Visual Venturing, they will amaze you!


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One Photo Focus – June

Woo hoo, it’s that time again, it’s… One Photo Focus time. This challenge is hosted by the lovely Stacy Fischer of Visual Venturing and is where we all edit and manipulate the very same photo. LOVE IT!!!

Below is my submission of the photo offered this month by David Croker. My edits this month include a little cropping, adjusting the contrast, changing the colour for sepia, then adding a grunge-like frame (which I now wish was a tad narrower.)

One Photo Focus June

Here is David Croker’s original photo offered for the June One Photo Focus challenge.

June One Photo Focus

To see all the submissions for this month’s One Photo Focus challenge, please click on the badge below, you won’t be disappointed. And a big thank you yet again to Stacy for hosting this fabulous challenge!

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One Photo Focus May

Seriously, where does the time go? Is it truly May already, time for another One Photo Focus hosted by the wonderful Stacy Fisher of Visual Venturing?

Yet May it is and here is my interpretation of this month’s photograph from the very talented Julie Powell – Photographer and Graphic Artist.

One Photo Focus May WM

My objective for editing this month was to create the feel of yesteryear by reducing the saturation, adding a grunge texture, then a frame that gives the illusion of the colour seeping from the photograph.

Here is Julie Powell’s lovely original photograph.

May One Photo Focus - Julie Powell Original

Be sure to check Visual Venturing for all the other wonderful submissions for this month’s One Photo Focus. There are always so many incredible interpretations to this one photo.

Kudos once again to Stacy for hosting such a wonderful challenge – thank you!

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April One Photo Focus

Yes, I know. It’s still March yet here I am posting my one One Photo Focus for April. It’s not very often I’m early for anything but here I am, lol! This month’s photo is by the very busy Cee from Cee’s Photography. This is my submission.

Joanne Ritchie One Photo Focus April

When it came to editing this month my focus was to highlight the left-hand corner of this structure with its interesting adornments. First I cropped severely then tweaked the contrast and highlights before converting the entire image to sepia.

Photography by Cee Neuner

And remember tomorrow to check out all the submissions for this month’s One Photo Focus hosted by the talented Stacy Fischer and her Visual Venturing.

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Anping Treehouse (November One Photo Focus)

Oh how quickly these last three months of the year go, I can’t believe it’s already November. Only 49 sleeps until the fat guy comes and time for another One Photo Focus with the talented Stacy Fisher of Visual Venturing!

Here is my interpretation of this month’s amazing photograph of the Anping Treehouse in Tainan, Taiwan by Helen Chen of HCC Blog. The roots of a Banyan Tree have engulfed themselves around what was once an old warehouse. Quite amazing.

One Photo Focus - November

Looking at this capture I couldn’t decide for the longest time what to do until I was looking through the photographs recently that my father had in his army kit bag that he’d brought back with him from his time in the South Pacific during WWII.

There were photographs of comradeship and their day-to-day life, then there were some really gruesome shots of the harsh realities they were facing. The darkness within these photos seemed to highlight this reality.  This is what I aimed for in my editing.

Not quite what you see here in Helen’s original photograph thankfully.

Helen Chen November One Photo Focus

Be sure to head over to Visual Venturing by clicking on the badge below to see how everybody else has interpreted Helen’s photograph, my favourite part of this challenge. One Photo yet in SO many different ways… BRILLIANT!

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The Cobb – One Focus Friday (ABFriday)

It’s the beginning of a new month and another exciting challenge from Stacy Fischer over at Visual Venturing. This week’s photo is titled “The Cobb“, photographed by Katie Prior of Drawing with Light. This is my interpretation…

The Cobb - ABFriday

And this is the original…

The Cobb before


Not sure if I’m completely happy with my interpretation as I feel it still needs one more tweak but with my head buzzing with so many other things going on in our lives just at present, whatever it needs sadly escapes me. I did attempt adding a Grunge Filter but have to say, on the big screen this morning, I wasn’t feeling it.

With one thing and another happening and it being summer vacation with two teenagers in the house I didn’t get to this until the eleventh hour so am VERY grateful to Stacy for including my submission. And be sure to see what everyone else has done over at Visual Venturing and have yourselves a FABULOUS week-end!




ABFriday – July

Why do I keep doing this to myself? Yes, I’ve found another photo challenge, but when I read Stacy Fischer’s post regarding the After-Before Friday over at Visual Venturing combined with Robin Kent’s magnificent image, well… I just couldn’t help myself!

If you haven’t already visited Robin Kent’s blog, Photography by Kent, you really must to so. This is his image for the After-Before Friday Challenge.

Robin Kent One Photo Focus July

What is this exactly? It’s where on the first ABFriday of each month all participants edit the same photo. Cool huh?

Now, here is my version of the above iconic photo. I’ve cropped it, I’ve removed most of the people, then added a Grunge Filter to create the feel the photo is much older than it actually is.

One Photo Focus - My Editing

To view all the other submissions for this awesome event visit Stacy at Visual Venturing. I so love how we can all look at the same image but see it so differently – BRILLIANT!