PhotoRehab Cover Makeover #10

Oh how time flies when you’re either having fun or have children who have been home for the last two month’s on summer vacation finally returning to school today albeit for only two hours.

Consequently here it is, almost ten hours later than intended, but here is my version of this week’s book jacket makeover from Desley over at Musings of a Frequent Flying Scientist.

Lord of the Rings

This is absolutely NOTHING like envisioned as the photo I had in mind I simply couldn’t find in my archives. Then when I went to insert this into my post, there was my photo. Turns out I’d only taken it last week. Shows you how much I can pack into a week without even trying, lol.

And now that’s done, it’s on to make dinner which sadly, is not nearly as much fun as Desley’s makeovers. 😦

Cover Makeover Badge






Melting Propeller (Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge #33)

Yes I know, the propeller isn’t really melting but you gotta admit, it really does kinda look that way thanks to the curvature of the window.

Melting Propeller...

Yes, this is what happens when you forget to bring your iPad and you have nothing to read or do on a two hour flight, you begin imagining the strangest of things, lol!





Enveloped in Nature’s Beauty (WPC)

The Daily Post’s word for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge is ENVELOPED… as was Tofino on Vancouver Island in nature’s most glorious colors both on land and water!

 Enveloped in Natures Colors

Hubby and Son surprised me on Mother’s Day with a sea-plane flight for the family over Tofino where we looked down upon this beautiful sight and so many other amazing sights. We also flew over glaciers, hidden inlets, islands claimed by sea-lions, and saw a mother humpback whale with her calf to name but a few.

It was such a wonderful treat – I feel so blessed to not only have seen some of Mother’s Nature’s finest work from above but to have a family that knows me so well and what’s more, wants to share these experiences with me!



Hanging by a Thread

It’s as if the spider-web is holding this Black-Capped Chickadee like trapeze ropes whilst he nibbles at his breakfast.

Hanging on by a Thread

This seed bell looks as if it’s going to last forever, especially with saving some seed for later in the spider-web. I wonder if this poor little Chickadee is lamenting though… “mum, how much longer?”

Cotton Candy Clouds!

It’s sounds such a cliché to say the clouds reminded me of Cotton Candy as we flew out of Seattle on our way to Vancouver but they really did, lol!

Add some sunshine reflecting off the water and for me it’s all but picture perfect. 🙂

Looking down from above...

Flying and being able to see the land and ocean below for me always makes it a far more pleasurable experience. It’s not that I’m apprehensive about flying, I simply like seeing what lies below!

Plus when it takes longer to check-in and go through security then it does to fly to one’s destination (we may have been in the air 40 minutes if that hence no hot beverages on this flight!), it’s a really good flight without even a thought of… “mum, how much longer?”