Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder! (OWPC – Gorilla)

This gorgeous big brut was hanging out at Disney World’s Animal World. Seeing them in the wild was definitely on “my list“. Sadly however just as I planning my trip through Africa last century, traveling to see them had been stopped. Dang it!

Animals in captivity is something that can upset me but I have to admit, Disney World seemed to be doing it well and I don’t believe I’m just saying that as it was so thrilling to see them so close… 

Gorilla is this week’s One Word Photo Challenge from Jennifer Nichole Wells.





Hey little lady, check out my velvet! (Wordless Wednesday)






Our Backyard Elder (OWPC: Elder)

It’s been a few weeks since Big Buck graced us with his presence in our backyard and even longer since I took this photo of him sitting, basking in the afternoon autumn sun.


What’s interesting is, whenever he does come to visit now, he seldom comes alone as he was here. It’s intriguing how he always comes with an entourage of the same additional four, Little Buck and three does.





Oh. My. Goodness. Talk about a chatterbox! (Wordless Wednesday)


What a chatter box!

I want to be a CAT!

More specifically, I want to be one of OUR cats! Although maybe not yesterday morning…

I heard the most unusual sound but put it down to a baby on the television. I heard the noise again, looked up to see the same said baby on the screen, still the baby I reasoned. Then a short time later, oh my gosh… the sound was louder and even more frantic if possible but there was no baby on the television screen this time.

Hmmm, nothing on that screen would or could match the sound so exploring I went. The sound was coming from the bathroom and it didn’t take long to determine exactly what was making the sound… our female cat fighting with a cat but NOT our cat. Uh oh!

There was fur and even blood everywhere in the bathroom after this additional cat attempted to escape via the window. It was just a shame that  (a) a screen was over the window, and (b) the window was closed. Oops!

Miss Poppy was relentless whilst Sir Fergus strolled out oblivious to all that was occurring having obviously just woken from a nap. Miss Poppy was NOT amused and he felt it for the following 24 hours. Boy, was he in trouble! As for me it took almost an hour to clean up the mess and eventually rid our house of the additional cat. Not how I planned to spend my morning but anyways.

Sir Fergus may have been in the bad books but Master Eleven was certainly not as you can see.

Lifetime friends!

Sir Fergus being a typical male, didn’t miss a beat and wasn’t worried in the least. This is he this morning, how cozy does he look?

Red is SO his color!

Yup, being a cat of ours isn’t so bad.  And just like the children when photographing them on occasion, our cats can also give me the stink eye that says… “mum, how much longer?”

Feed time!

There was quite the commotion on the back deck this morning as it was feed time for the sparrows. When I looked out there were three birds that stood out as they were on the deck itself, not at the feeder with the one more attractive bird feeding the other two.

Initially it had me pondering why is it in the bird world the male birds are the prettier ones leaving the female birds rather plain. As I stood pondering it dawned on me that perhaps I was watching a parent feed their young. Perhaps that’s what I was watching don’t you think?

With all the noise I really do think it was a family I was watching as just in the human world, as soon as the parent gave one chick its attention, the other was squawking… “mum, how much longer?”

Oh to be a cat!

We woke up this morning to snow falling onto what was already a fresh three-inch layer of snow that had fallen overnight, it was simply gorgeous. I love these quiet snow falls with snowflakes so huge you don’t require glasses to see them falling!

Seeing the weather outside was all the incentive I needed to get myself quickly to the post office then back to bed to nurse a flu that I began fighting on Monday. That was after I cleared the drive-way of course 🙂

The cats however were determined not to allow this change in the weather conditions to cramp their style so as per usual went outside for their usual morning romp but this time instead of say 30 minutes or even an hour outside, this time it was the hokey pokey – in, out and shake it all about!

Once inside they headed immediately to Miss Eight’s room where they remained until the moment she walked in the door.

Miss Eight I’m sure turns her room’s heating up during the day just for the cats, I’m certain of it. This is the same reason apparently she’s unable to make her bed of a morning, the cats prefer snuggling down amongst the unmade bed linen.

It’s quite amazing how many times these cats come to the children’s aid when they don’t want to do something. Most times the cat really do support a reasonable argument but I can’t help wondering… “mum, how much longer?”