Invasion of the Sugar Bowl! (OWPC)

When I arrived at my mother’s house after twenty-four hours of traveling from Canada to Australia a few years ago, all I wanted to do was enjoy the sound of magpies serenading the setting sun whilst drinking a hot cup of tea on her back patio.

Unfortunately on entering the kitchen it soon became apparent I wasn’t alone. This is what became of my poor mother’s sugar bowl whilst she was first in hospital followed by a month in rehab. She moved out whilst the ants moved in!

Ants Sugar-Fix

Lines of ants were trooping down the wall, across the skirting board then up into the cupboard to the sugar bowl. Meanwhile across the ceiling were lines of ants marching into the pantry to feast upon the goodies in there. Lovely… NOT!

What a nuisance it was then to clean it all up but what a great photo opportunity now for ANT, the first of the new One Word Photo Challenge of the A-Z Animal List hosted by Jennifer Nichole Wells. Click on the link below for more details.






Nature’s Battles!

Once again our “cherry blossom hybrid tree” (not certain WHAT it is but this best describes it) is in the throes of being cryovac naturally. This seems to be an annual event once the blooms are spent, the new foliage has presented itself, then BOOM!

I have admitted defeat upon this natural phenomenon since the tree continues to bloom beautifully each year. Instead this year I decided to attempt to capture some of the action. What a different world it was!

Grubs Vs Ant!

Whilst many grubs worked feverishly away preparing their cocoon of sorts, others were like stealth ninja’s rappelling themselves from the leaves above. For hours later I felt as if there were things crawling over me.

As I danced around the kitchen attempting to rid myself of my imaginary grubs, the children would tilt their heads towards their shoulders with a look that said… “mum, how much longer?”