52 Weeks Photo Challenge: Week 22 – Nature… ain’t she glorious?!

My word for last year was acceptance. Now, don’t for one moment think it meant accepting whatever rubbish was given to me, quite the contrary in fact.

It meant accepting my own limitations and requesting assistance when required; speaking up to NOT accept haphazardness in others; and to accept defeat gracefully and move on! The Super Moon last year being a prime example of the latter.

No matter what I changed my camera setting too or at what hour I attempted photograph that moon, there was simply no way on earth I could not capture the grandeur like so many other photographers were. I accepted defeat. The Super Moon and I were not meant to be. Until this…


Having dropped the children at school, I was making my way home carefully on the roads as once again we were being blanketed in an Arctic Outflow. Everything it touched seem to immediately turn to ice, including the roads. Hence I was driving like a tortoise.

That was until I began driving up a hill and there, sitting on top of this hill was the Super Moon in all her glory. Challenge Accepted. There was enough time for me to get home safely, out onto my deck with camera in hand and voila, one last VERY successful happy snap. {sigh} Isn’t nature glorious?

NATURE is this week’s word for the 52 Weeks Photo Challenge: Week 22 from The Girl That Dreams Awake.






Tread lightly Little Friend!

Footprints in the snow, particularly animal tracks, leave me wondering what species was it, where were they going and just what were they doing?

These tracks I saw on the VERY frozen Onion Lake last Saturday week. This lake is our half-way marker between Kitimat and Terrace.

Footsteps on ice - looks like it was a party!

But it was these two sets of tracks I liked the most – walking side by side off into the sunset… or to the distant shadows into the forest at least!

Tread lightly little friend - you never know how thin that ice could be...

Yes, tracks in the snow always leave me intrigued, especially on ice as how do the animals know it’s safe to cross and how do they know… “mum, how much longer?”

Downward flowing frozen water…

AKA, a waterfall, lol!:)

I was so absorbed with the river on Saturday, it wasn’t until I was back in the car after one of my stops, looking to see what traffic was coming behind me that I noticed this directly across from.

Long waterfalls on the side of the road

What is it about icicles that make them so darn appealing?

Frozen drips - with or without color - still wonderful!

Whether they are in black and white or simply in muted colors – frozen waterfalls are always beautiful.

A moment truly frozen in time

To think I almost missed this, funny how fate steps in at just the right time on occasion. Other times you are left wondering…  “mum, how much longer?”

The beauty of one!!!

Can you believe it, we are now in our THIRD day of snow!

Something we once took so much for granted his now almost a treat. And yes, I have shoveled the drive-way and slid around the streets MORE than once in the last couple of days yet STILL call snow a treat so down from your high-horse people, okay? Lol, seriously though, after just two days this is my front deck! 🙂

HOW much snow did we have in two days???

Incredulity as I drove home on Saturday in the sunshine after dropping Master Twelve at his Marksmanship Zone Competition in Terrace, you would NEVER have expected the weather we are currently having. Since I was alone Saturday for my return to Kitimat, I took this opportunity to stop for a photo or two by the river.

Watching the flowing ice through the trees - glorious!

This first stop however was my favorite – it was so quiet and peaceful!

Debris of all sorts in the flowing water

The sun may have been shining but it was bitterly cold however it didn’t deter me from stopping FOUR times. Sadly seeing the size of the ice chunks in the river did nothing to warm me either trust me!

Would you like ice with that???

But how cool is this old tree-house – what a view there must be from up there! 🙂

House with a view - how cool is this?!

The water was flowing quickly yet was so clear seeing the river-bed below was no trouble at all.

What crystal clear flowing water - how beautiful!

What a glorious afternoon it was taking photographs although I do wonder if anyone noticed how I would be opening one door when was already open, then racing around to ensure that first door was still open before closing the second door. There was NO WAY I was going to be locked out of my car in that bone-chilling wind. Each time I did this I found myself asking… “mum, how much longer?” 😉

Frozen in Time – WHY?!

Given the current exceptionally cold weather we are encountering thanks to this Arctic Outflow, we are very wary of allowing the cats outside for their daily romp.

Whenever Miss Poppy has the chance she does the very same thing, heads directly over to the neighbor’s yard and promptly goes into a trance like state! What has caught her undivided attention?

Miss P WHAT has your interest???

No amount of cajoling or coaxing will have her look side-ways. Master Twelve and I almost fell over in disbelief having tried everything to get her attention yet without any success so gave up but on glancing on the window 20-minutes later she was in EXACTLY the same position… “Miss Poppy, how much longer?”


There have been some really REALLY stunning photographs on blogs of late that have utilized reflections which have peaked my interest considerably.

So when capturing the frost on the fishing truck earlier this week and happened upon this wasn’t I a happy camper?! 🙂

Reflections in the window B&W

Yes, it’s blurred but I really liked how our maple tree reflected in the back passenger’s window of the fishing truck. A slightly different perspective to this…

Maple silhouette in the cold

Fortunately for everyone with the skies so clear my desire for more reflections shall be limited hence there’ll be no… “mum, how much longer?”

The beauty that is frost!

It only seems apt that the frost on the boys fishing truck looks almost like fish skeletons. This was the trucks side-mirror one morning!

Decolored Frost on the Side Mirror

The photos all had that blue-cold-hue to them so wondered if altering them to black and white would be beneficial, which it wasn’t, decoloring them was better but I couldn’t resist trying a reverse black and white.

Pardon the pun but pretty cool huh?! Looks like something from a petri dish doesn’t it?

Reverse Frost Bite on the Side Mirrror

With such blue skies each and every day with barely a cloud to be seen, it makes this Arctic Outflow we are currently experiencing all the more incredible… “mum, how much longer?”

What on EARTH is leaking???

When attempting to corral the cats back into the house yesterday I kept hearing what I thought was a cat moving on a frozen plastic tarp. Turns out, it was water from my hose cracking under the warming sun.

Nope, I have no idea either as the tap was off yet this is what I found…

A leaking hose, maybe...

I just don’t understand why there was so much water.

Leaking Hose... what is going on?

What is going on?

Leaking hose huh!

It might have been cold outside but the sunlight was still enough to have these icicles dripping!

Leaking hose dripping in the sunlight!

Guess I should be concerned but right now, it’s kinda pretty huh?

The beauty that is a leaking hose!

Honestly, I don’t know how our cats do it as after taking just these few shots I was FREEZING yet only one of the two cats wanted to join me back inside… “Miss Poppy, how much longer?”