They grow up so fast! (Feathered Friday)

Already this juvenile Bald Eagle is showing signs of adulthood with more white on his head and that much more yellow in his beak. Oh how I appreciate his visits showing me these subtleties of his aging!

With such an abundance of bird life this spring I thought I’d begin a “Feathered Friday” to introduce you to just a few of the new, and not so new, arrivals!






And just WHAT are you looking at? (Wordless Wednesday)






Murmuration Mumblings! (Wordless Wednesday)









My cold, determined little Hummingbird!







Still Humming even in Autumn! (Wordless Wednesday)








Emerging with the Morning Light (Monochrome Monday)

As the light emerged with the beginning of the new day, a beautiful blue heron in search of some fresh breakfast was revealed down by the water’s edge.

Such a wonderful start to the day, a fresh hot coffee in my hand whilst watching Mother Nature at her best right outside my window.






Unexpected Visitor (Wordless Wednesday)