Bath Time (Monochrome Monday)


MM Bath Time




Excuse me but I’m still talking to you! (Wordless Wednesday)


WW Im still talking to you



Who me? I’m not eating the flowers! (Wordless Wednesday)


WW Im not eating the flowers



Oh deer, two sweet! (Monochrome Monday)

The mother deer who gave birth to twins in our backyard last May, often brings her two babies back for visit. No matter how quickly they grow, they are still to us our babies.

Now the two fawns are much bigger, only one at a time will ever rest near their mother.  Perhaps this is a “deer thing” or it could simply be a case of this mound in our backyard really is just big enough for two!







Two left feet… literally! (Monochrome Monday)

Goodness, how fast did I run for my camera when I looked out my Studio window and saw this eagle chowing down on something on the top of our backyard tree?!

It wasn’t until I downloaded the photos that I realized what we had actually been looking at. Of all the things I was thinking it could possibly be, a leg wasn’t on my list!






Lopsided Growth (WPC: Growth)

This young lad had us smiling out loud when he stopped by Christmas morning to complete our picture of a white, albeit a very light white, Christmas complete with (rein)deer. Bless him, the lone antler lad.

Growth is this week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge.





The old cliché… busy as a bee! (Wordless Wednesday)









Hey little lady, check out my velvet! (Wordless Wednesday)






Mama, wait for me! (Wordless Wednesday)







Down in the Daisies (Wordless Wednesday)


(Only 12-hours old and completely tuckered out)