Rippled Reflections (Monochrome Monday)




Lopsided Growth (WPC: Growth)

This young lad had us smiling out loud when he stopped by Christmas morning to complete our picture of a white, albeit a very light white, Christmas complete with (rein)deer. Bless him, the lone antler lad.

Growth is this week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge.





The winding road home! (Monochrome Monday)

The scenery on the drive to and from my son’s orthodontist appointment every other month is always changing, and is always spectacular. Fortunately the camera made it on this visit.

Even after almost eighteen months of these trips, the camera doesn’t always make it into the car in my haste to ensure Miss Fourteen is at school in time before we leave.




Following the river home (Wordless Wednesday)







Following that White Line (Muted Monochrome Monday)









The Quest for Water (WPC: Quest)

There’s something so special about Canadian Geese. They seem to have an “air” about them. So, one afternoon when we chanced upon some geese taking a Sunday stroll to the water’s edge, we had to stop to watch the parade.


The track of footprints they were leaving behind them was particularly delightful! QUEST is this week’s photo challenge from the Daily Post.






A Hint of Prince (Wordless Wednesday)


A Hint of Prince






Colours of the Night Sky(Wordless Wednesday)


Colours of the Night






Water Fuelled Train Tracks… huh? (Wordless Wednesday)


Water Fuelled Trains






Blue on Blue (Wordless Wednesday)

Blue on Blue 2