The Day After… (OWPC)

Most often the day after is never pretty with Australian cyclones being no exception.

The Australian cyclone is very similar to the North American hurricanes except they don’t limit themselves to staying on the coast, they’ll travel in-land if they so desire.

The aftermath along the coast line is always great following a cyclone – existing beaches are often washed away, replaced with an odd assortment of debris and foam that’s been washed up.

The Day After...

The foam whipped up by these high winds is what I always find incredible. This foam seems to linger as long as it possibly can, often taking up to a week for it to truly disappear from the beach.

This is the last weather challenge word (Pick Your Own) from Jennifer Nichole Wells and her One Word Photo Challenge. Next week we begin the Animal List starting at A… click on the link below if you’d like to join the fun!






Morning Silhouettes (October One Four Challenge: Week 1)

Woo hoo, that time again for the One Four Challenge hosted by Robyn of Captivate Me. Each month we get to choose our own photo which we then process in a different way each week for four weeks. Hence, the One Four Challenge.

Here is my photo, two trees silhouetted against a cloudy sky, one I took on one of my many morning walks whilst in Australia.

One Four Challenge - 1-4-1

Here is my original for a quick comparison. As you can see, this week I haven’t even gone in for the crop, I’ve simply converted this into black and white, tweaking the contrast just a little.

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With a river outside my balcony and a beach around the corner, that was all the incentive I needed to get out to walking each day. To watch the sun rising over the water each morning, that was simply an amazing bonus!

the ONE FOUR Challenge





Here’s lookin’ at you kid!

There’s just something about Pelicans that I find so appealing. Particularly the Pelicans in Australia as they are so beautifully white.

Pelican Eye

Don’t you dare think you can fish without sharing your bait with them otherwise you’ll find them moving closer and closer to you with a look in their eye that says… “mum, how much longer?”

Last morning on the coast!

It’s hard to believe today is our last day on the Sunshine Coast. There’ll be no more watching the sun rise over the ocean.

Last River Walks

There’ll be no more walking along the beach.

She saw sea shells by the sea shore

And there’ll be no more fishing pals like this. Well, not for another year at least!

Just another morning fishing!

Our shuttle is due to collect us at 3.45AM tomorrow! Oh how I envy the way the children sleep on these flights. For me on the other-hand all I do is look at my watch and ask myself… “mum, how much longer?”