Gotta love them balls! (Travel Theme: Balls)

When visiting Niagara Falls one spring break, as gob-smacking as the fall themselves where, the mist from the falls that had frozen on anything and everything around the falls was just as fascinating.

Most intriguing were the ice-balls that had formed on top of so many of the plants immediately above the falls on the boardwalk. Mother natures very own cake pops!

Balls is this week’s fun Travel Theme from Ailsa over at Where’s My Backpack.




Standing within the Grand Canyon (WPC: Wanderlust)

When booking our helicopter flight, complete with a champagne lunch within the canyon itself, I’m not sure exactly what I was expecting but I know I wasn’t expecting to be so awe-struck with the Grand Canyon.

The size, the unique beauty. There was so much to see, so much to experience. Wanderlust has led me to so many fabulous places in the world and will lead me to those places yet to be seen!

Wanderlust is the Weekly Photo Challenge from the Daily Post this week.






From Above (WPC: Atop)

Ever get that feeling someone is watching you? This is exactly how we felt a couple of weeks ago whilst we were outside. Although in all honesty they were more than likely watching the apple pieces we were throwing, not us!

As we were feeding a deer from our front porch to the right of our driveway, atop the neighbours driveway to the left, two sets of eyes were watching our every move. Not that they stayed there long. We soon required loads more apple pieces!

Atop is The Daily Post Photo Challenge this week.



Rose Revealment (iPhriday Flowers)

The added bonus of the beautiful Valentine’s Day flowers hubby sent me was that rather than simply being a bunch of red roses (which are lovely don’t get me wrong), it was filled with enough flowers for my iPhriday Flowers. He knows me so well!


The green rose buds included in this arrangement were so gloriously thick with petals. Watching these petals slowing open was such a privilege.






In the Beginning (iPhriday Flowers)







Lily Elongations (iPhriday Flowers)








Bottled Beauty (iPhriday Flowers)